Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Nature Boy

Wooooo! See what I did there... (99.9% of people will not get that at all) 
When your boy loves nature like mine, you learn quickly that you must plan extra time into daily things so he can take it all in. You laugh inside when he says things like "I'm just going to put a little Grass in my hand so he can be comfortable" referring to a millipede. Yes.  A millipede. The bug that used to send me screaming into a corner now seems somewhat endearing. And, I will actively look for snakes, with or without him, at the bus stop where a small family lives. Somehow, I am okay with the bug catcher that's full of (probably dead) worms that wound up on the mantle "because they're so special".  And everything gets an affectionate "y" at the end.  Grasshoppery, spidery, and flower buddy (followed by roaring laughter).  And, a perpetual stick collection graces your front porch is just something you step over when entering the house.   
This is a part of Zachary's personality that I don't want to forget- the softness in his heart for all living things.  Yes, some of it is just "boy stuff", but I know one day he won't be as enthusiastic about these little treasures he finds daily.  For now, I am hanging on to every bit of his six year old perceptions- as gross as they can be!  

You must stop for the duck outside Carrabba's 
This photo appears on your phone camera... now that's a big bird 
just a stick along the way 
Yes it was as big as it looks! Eek! 
Oh you know, just some worms as decor

Every drawing filled with nature as he sees it 

Just some random pics found on my phone, AKA his nature camera 

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