Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Current Favs

Listened to this gem on audiobook, probably 8 years later than the rest of the world. I had to carefully sip my coffee to avoid spitting it out laughing. Yes, there's no shortage of swearing and some crass language, but wow is it funny. And we all know a Sam Halpern. 
House stuff:
Natural, safe, and smells amazing. "Hey mom, can I spray that good stuff on the counter and wipe it?"  Why yes, yes you can, son. 

Crap. I'm old.  My makeup free days have come to an end. This concealer doesn't settle into those lines I've been trying to ignore, and makes me look more human than zombie. It's better than several of the department store kinds I've tried. Bonus. 
TV: Though I don't watch a ton, take 20 minutes to watch an episode of The Goldbergs, especially if you were a kid in the 80s like me. It's spot on, heartwarming, and completely over the top. Lots of laughs!  

Apps: Happy Scale. While I'm not going to go as far as to say I love this app, it's keeping me on track weight wise. It assesses your long term goal and breaks it down into manageable milestones. Helps keep focus, and helps the big picture seem less overwhelming. 
Clothes: if you're a size 12 or up, I'd highly recommend Torrid's premium leggings ( And, check it out- their models are actually plus sized women!  After more than one time of having cheap leggings practically roll down on me, I decided to search for and invest in a good pair. This brand has a wide waistband and thick, but not too thick, fabric. They're super comfy and high quality, and they stay put! 

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