Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016 Resolution Fail

Ahhhh...when it's January 3, and you've already broken your first resolution to blog more, you must be a type B. I've just accepted it.  It wasn't an intentional thing I gave up. Maybe lack of inspiration, my "I'll get it done when I get it done" way of thinking, or the fact that I'm now outnumbered by my inspirations has contributed... But this is a treasure for me and I want to continue. 
To update-Everyone is well!
Adam, 9. Has entered a bit of a cool phase. "Cool" as he is, he's just a downright nice kid who goes out of his way to do the right thing.  We couldn't be prouder. He participates in several school activities, drums in the school band, plays sports, and like many kids his age, loves his iPad, Star Wars, and video games. Just today, when we suggested he may meet girls at college he said "the only reason I'm going to college is to get a masters degree". Atta boy. 

Zachary,7  He's basically a teenager. A teenager who loves stuffed animals and dressing up in costume (still!), all while sleeping until 10 and rolling his eyes and saying "ugh! what is it mom" when I make a request. He's the most likely to argue with us, and most likely to have an argument that makes more sense than it should for a boy of  7. He loves Minecraft, his giant 7 foot bear named Ben, his iPad, oh.... And did I mention Minecraft? He's playing soccer and basketball this winter.  The child is smart as a whip, motivated to WIN, and as sweet as they come. 

PJ 1 1/2 (3 kids in, I'm forgoing counting in months, because frankly, I'm not sure how many months he is). He's pure joy and pure tornado child in one. Man, I'm not in the Kansas of mid-20s parenting anymore. I liken him to a puppy. Sweet, completely adorable, a lot of work, what you rush home to see every day, then can't wait to put to bed (kidding, kidding). We all adore him and I fear what will happen when his kindergarten teacher has to divide their attention among 20 others. He's in for a shock. He loves hide and seek, The Minions movie, his wubbanubs, and says several words (no, baba, dada, no, mama, dog, no, woof, oh no, oh wow, uh oh, baby, no, outside, no, and more!). A considerable amount of dancing, singing, and funny face making round out the day.  He also runs away a lot, touches everyyyyything, pitches fits and turns his body into a wet noodle, BUT sleeps alllllll night in his crib. Really, he's the perfect baby. 

The house is still in DIY remodel phases, but very close to done. I can't wait! Jobs are well, busy but rewarding. A trip to Disney in November was enjoyed by all- in spite of the unusual heat (both here and there!). A quick trip resulted in 38 miles of walking and, needless to say, lots of fun sights were enjoyed. More to come!  

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